To reduce the stress levels of non-profit leaders by providing short term support ,  improving efficiency  and finding creative solutions to intractable problems.


Non-profit leaders are able to spend more time focusing on their mission by depending on reliable, affordable project based assistance.


Affordable: You never need to worry about a large bill.  Streamline NPS provides a clear and accurate quote for services before any work begins.  Streamline NPS provides cost effective solutions, ensuring that non-profit agencies’ financial and human resources are directed to achieving their mission.

Practical: Life is complicated. Your consulting services shouldn’t be. Streamline NPS understands that agencies and their leaders prefer easy to implement, simple solutions.

Responsive: Sometimes you need help now.  Streamline NPS believes that Executive Directors require timely solutions that are tailored to their specific needs.


With over 30 years of experience in the non-profit and charitable sector and a mid-career Master of Public Administration degree with a specialization in Management (Dalhousie University, 2006) Sandra understands the non-profit sector. In addition to being a management generalist, Sandra has held roles specifically focusing on program development, volunteer management and fund raising. Having held the position of Executive Director/ CEO of 4 different small to mid-sized non-profits, she has unique insight into the competing priorities and extensive need for knowledge in this role.

Policy Development

Streamline NPS will assist agencies in writing new policies or editing existing policies to meet legislative and accreditation standards; cleaning up policy templates and internal referencing systems; developing policy compliance reporting systems and training staff.

Mentorship, Coaching & Training

The demands on the leader of a small agency are often extensive; requiring both program and administrative knowledge. Time pressures often prevent Executive Directors from spending the time they want on developing knowledge on the latest trends in the agency or a new project the Board has asked them to take on. Streamline NPS can provide training and coaching how to:

  • Implement a successful fund raising program
  • Improve your agency’s volunteer program
  • Start a new program or service
  • Make partnerships more productive and valuable
  • Recruit and orient new board members

Strategic Planning

Agencies will appreciate the straight forward, affordable and practical planning process offered by Streamline NPS.   Streamline NPS will work with the agency to develop a plan and can assist with developing an implementation strategy.

Project Support

Streamline NPS will provide temporary assistance to the Board of Directors or the Executive Director to accomplish one time project or to provide “an extra set of hands” during particularly busy periods. For example:

  • Writing a business case for new venture
  • Creating risk management plans or quality plans
  • Filling in to cover a staff vacancy until the hiring process can be completed
  • Assistance with problem solving to improve process

What happens when you call

Your call to Streamline NPS is free. Sandra will listen to your needs and discuss how she can support you. Prior to beginning any work, Sandra will draft a scope of work with project deliverables, timelines and a budget. Streamline NPS bills by the hour or the day depending on the needs of the organization. All invoices will include detailed information and will correspond with the terms of the contract.